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the future of shopping 🛍️

We hypothesized that live shopping will be the future of e-commerce, so we spent 6 months working on our own version of it - fashion focus. 

Don't have time?
Here's the TLDR (narrated by yours truly):

duration: 6 months, Jan '21 - June 21

role: co-founder and lead designer

skill: a/b testing, web design, user interviews, market mapping


We were a 5 person team -2 MBA and 3 undergrad students, with experience ranging between investment banking, software engineering, consulting, and design. 


We were able to bring our start up project life through Stanford's reputable program, Lean Launchpad, where through MVP iteration, interviews, and the guidance of Mar Hershenson, we tested the viability of live shopping. 


Through the few months weeks we conducted:

  • 149 User Interviews

    • 89 Shoppers (Gen Z focused)

    • 38 Creators (600k to 5k followers) 

    • 22 Retailers​ (Saks to boutiques)

As we thought of our target user, we used the powers of dm'ing on Instagram to reach them. I've sent at least 40 dms to Gen Z girls in order to get a better understanding of their shopping habits, and how video or live shopping can play a part in it. 

We asked questions like where, how, and when do they shop? What are the biggest pain points?  This is what we heard.

Things just don't f***ing fit. But I don't know any other way than trial and error. 

I hate returns. I have a pile of clothing in the corner of my room of stuff.


In order to understand what format of video shopping sticks the most, we conducted 6 MVPS.  We created static videos of team members modeling clothes, with their size on the side. This helped test our hypothesis that "video is helpful to the shopper as it tells more about fit."

Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 15.30.51.png

All of the 5 shopping shows we did require strategic planning, which looked a little like this.

Purchasing Clothes
Setting up Payments
Training Hosts
Feedback Interviews

Take a sneak peek into two of our shows!

 Click on the photos for the full show. 

Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 15.07.38.png
Partnership with boutique WildRina
Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 15.04.26.png
Partnership with creator, Sarah Gray
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