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Designing a Spotify Social Feature

Created a new social feature for Spotify to increase growth in new Student Premium accounts

duration: 6 Weeks in May-June

role: product designer, independent project

skills: user research, wireframing, figma



Who are the users? What's their problem?

College students who are on a freemium account (20% of all college students) and struggle to find direct ways to share music with peers through Spotify’s available features. This leads users have to work around the app / find unofficial ways of using it to achieve this purpose. 

My goal was to add new premium-only features for mobile user-touser social engagment. Leveraging off of a user's social network can further promote the product. But the question is 


Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 13.27.03.png

After brainstorming some initial approaches that combine a social feature with encouraging premium conversions, I honed in on two that I liked: the idea of a social feed and concerts. The second layer, in green, indicates how Spotify can monetize the features.  Social feed will encompass who just created a playlist, a new song they have liked, and any concerts they're planning on going to. After engaging in informal user resarch a key quote stuck with me:


"I struggle getting friends to go to concerts with me, because I don't know who likes the same music."

Nomu, student at Stanford University 

This prompted me to explore the build upon Spotify's existing concert features and integrate them with social networks, and my new proposed social feed. Here are Spotify's existing Concert pages and a simple user flow to get there.

User searches 'Concert'

Clicks 'Live Events'

Buy Ticket?

IMG_8024 2.jpeg

Low-Fi Prototyping

Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 15.16.59.png

Concert as a tab within social feed

Tab expanded, showing an option to join the concert

Option to invite friends to join you to a concert

Overview of potenial social feed UI

Final UI 

Screenshot_2022-11-06_at_15.32.29-removebg (1).png
KL Invitation to Go.png
who else.png
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