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Consumer Insights Internship @ Netflix

I spent my summer investigating Gen Z's brand perception of Netflix relative to competitors through 15 user interviews. I combed through 18 hours of interviews to deliver insights about Gen Z's relationship with Netflix, presenting it to three key stakeholders: Brand, Social, and Consumer Insight teams (totaling a 50-person audience.) Unfortunately, due to an NDA I can't disclose the findings or insights. But here are some photos of my time!

duration 3 Months, Summer '22

role: consumer insights, brand & emerging experiences intern

skill: moderating user interviews, creating a screener


I was lucky enough to share my hijab emoji story at an internal employee event, underscoring the importance of representation, especially in media. We reflected on what it means to represent minority groups well? Muslims, for instance, isn't a monolith, yet we expect media representations to accurately depict us even though we all have a different Muslim experience.

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